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Vent Day Wednesday

Welcome to this week's edition of Vent Day Wednesday. All I can say is Dwayne is a fool. Be sure to hit us up in the comments with your vents or just to show some love.



  1. 1) I'm lmao @ the "dog hearing" remark when referring to a man (no offense Dwayne) 2) my friend and I were pullin into a parkin space at Ross the other day and she jumped out her car to find a $1 bill folded up on the ground...wonderin if someone has been tryin to make it rain in the northeast Columbia 3) when you won the dollar playin the lottery, did you use it to buy a new ticket? 4) you wouldn't have to be so afraid of those police auction cars if you weren't speedingggg Dwayne! (if you ever get pulled, just tell them you have to use the bathroom) lol anyways, loved the video...great job as always =)

    now, my how come when you call technical support for something you've purchased that STILL has a warranty...they want to try to "troubleshoot" over the phone??? I had to call Dell yesterday for my sons laptop because the screen keeps fading in and out where you can't see ANYTHING unless you squeeze the corner of the screen where the screw has come out (not our fault) and then the left click button on the touchpad is messed up...well I asked them to send me a box so I can send it in and he wants me to try to let him help me fix in the heck can I fix that??? he wanted me to sign on, I was like dude, seriously? I told you I can't see anything on the screen. he goes, "well didn't you say if you squeeze the corner it works?" I was like yes, but I can't hold the phone, squeeze the screen and type at the same time!!! he's like ok, well let me get my supervisor. WHAT???? all I need is a dang box so YOU can fix it...low and behold he comes back and says, "my supervisor said we definately need to send you a box" really? it took 46 minutes to get a freakin box...

  2. oh, and 1 more come when grocery stores have sales with for instance it's .99 but you can only buy 4...if you have more than 4 you can ask them to ring it up separately and they will? what's the point in havin the limit??

  3. Y'all are a MESS!! That was too funny! Thank you so much for the birthday shout out!! Love you both!!

  4. Yall are a trip lol. As usual I got my Wednesday fix of laughter.

    LOL@ Dwayne and his swagga and "Sho yo right"! He is a mess.

    Love ya guys keep it up !

  5. Funny!!!! I can only imagine how excited he was over finding a dollar! LOL

    I'm cracking up over melissa's comments too. ya'll are funny!!

  6. Hey, that was pretty good. I didn't know what to expect originaly, cause of the many vlog's going around, but watched (listened while getting dressed) and I must say, the two of you have Great chemistry. And are very entertaining. Especually Dwayne. Had my girl and I laughing the entire time.

    Keep up the good work.

  7. I love the echo comment. I can relate. And I also would have retrieved the dollar. Mo money, money, mo money!

  8. Finding that dollar wasn't just for fun. It shows focus in finding opportunities and saying, "Yes" to the possibility of success and fortune.

  9. LOL Ya'll are the reason I have to get up and get my asthma pump smh


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