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Vent Day Wednesday

Welcome to this week's 'throwback' edition of Vent Day Wednesday. We decided to put this video up since we have acquired a new audience of VDW viewers who may have never seen this one. Also this video will make my last post make sense. If you are a fan of watching the black Archie Bunker laugh himself to tears then this is the one to watch. Don't forget to leave your vents in the comments!



  1. Only my brother would tell a joke and then crack himself up uncontrollably over it. GOTTA LOVE IT!!! :)

  2. That t-shirt would make a great gift!

  3. Being a part of your new audience, I've experienced 3 of your vent day Wednesdays ( 1st time replying )& I love them LOL!!

    My vent is about the constant talk of the balloon boy & his family. If I hear another GD thing about this boy & his family I'm going to scream.

    They are saying that it was all a publicity stunt, analysing this, that taking us back into this mans history....Are you kidding me??

    Who's the real idiots? The news because they are giving him exactly what he wanted in the 1st place.

    Glad that's off my chest LOL!!

  4. answer the phone for bill collectors? let me tell ya, all my bills are oldddd and about to come off my credit report, and I've moved and all that good stuff...I signed up to get my report online and updated my phone rings off the hook now from numbers I don't know! yeah well, I ain't few more weeks to go...haha! p.s. I have a couple of those junk drawers too, but not enough pens...wanna share? lol

  5. You picked my ALL TIME FAVORITE!!!!! Of course you did!!! :)

  6. I remember that one...LOL. My only real vent is having to deal with asshat bullies. Marty is doing so much better now that he knows he doesn't have to go back and face that torment.


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