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Vent Day Wednesday

Hi friends, Welcome to this week's edition of Vent Day Wednesday. We apologize for the video being really long but like always it was Dwayne's fault. Be sure to leave us a comment telling us your vents or just letting us know what you think of the video.



  1. hahaha! I'm comin over for cake! (since you have plenty =)

    seriously??? "real talk"...I dated a guy for like 5 months and he used to say that all the time when I'd joke with him about havin a wife or girlfriend...come to find out he did! so you definately defined that one correctly! alllll lies! lol love ya'll!

  2. LOL @ Putting stuff out there in the aura like that! No more of that! Loves today's vent day!!! :-)

  3. Sooooo, about that cake???
    I don't even like nuts but I might pick up a bag of the Nature Valley because it is obviously laced with something!!

  4. Y'all cra-zay! LOL. How you put me on blast like that D? Lol, I'm just saying....trying to HELP a BRUH! ROFL. No more sizurp for you both before Vent Day taping! lololol (Doin' it, doin' it and doin' it wellllllll.
    wink back at ya Dwayne, I caught that. lol

  5. my bad, anonymous post calling y'all cra-zay was me, the one and only, Pascha, lololol. Change the name to Foolishness Wednesday!

  6. LMAO! Dwayne that was my Jammm back in the day!

    Shellie I am going to get those Nut clusters they look sooooo good .

    As usual I got my guaranteed laugh for the day :)

  7. That husband of yours is a mess. Love it, "you can make it up to me" hahahaha....
    And how much did you have to drink?

    You two are so cute together.

  8. First time watching, and I'll be back for more laughs!

  9. Y'all are crazy!

    Hey, I was born in Brooklyn. :)

    You've been linked!

  10. OMG, Shelly, there you go again sending Dwayne on a cake run!


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