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Sep 23, 2009

Vent Day Wednesday

Hello and welcome to this week's edition of Vent Day Wednesday. We hope you enjoy the video and please be sure to leave us your vents in the comments. Even if you have nothing to vent about you just show us some love ;-)



  1. When yall find that mattress company holla at us! LOL! MJ had the best funeral! ROFL!

  2. I cannot see your video at work. I do have a vent. Why do these teens of today think they don't need to follow rules? I know we had rebellious times in our young lives. The kids in the current generation just don't get hard work and following directions. At 19, my daughter has decided to just go against almost everything I taught her. Hence, I had to evoke some tough love. Now, she is acting like I need to apologize to her and wonders what she did to deserve being put out. SMH. *sigh*

  3. I guess I could vent about the guy we bought a 4 wheeler from for Jaimen's birthday... 3 friggin weeks ago. We still haven't gotten it because "the wrong part came 3 times" yeah right... I'm gonna drive down there (2hr drive) and wait for my money or my 4 wheeler. We're going to the sand dunes this weekend and I want him to ride it down there. Stupid guy.

  4. That Kenye joke was funny. Maybe he should move, his ego is too big for the USA.

  5. "Fred Flintstone brontosaurus burger crumbs"...bwahahahahahahahahaha!

    I saw the Kanye/Swayze joke in picture form about a week is still funny.

  6. I swear you 2 are gonna make me get kicked out of military housing lol. I laughed so loud and so hard when he said the Kanye Joke.

    As usual a guaranteed laugh with you 2 lol!

  7. lmao! D? you were sooo wrong bringin up the crumbs in the bed! however, I have to tell you...I am with you on the early/late phone calls! just last week I started turnin my ringer off cause my friends think since I'm not workin right now that I have nothin better to do than be at their beck and call...which entails early (I'm talkin like 6:15am) phone calls to talk about their men problems. Seriously? you can't tell me that on your lunch break or somethin??? the funny part is, when I answer they say the exact same thing! I even explained to the one friend that when I wake the boys up for school...they get themselves ready...I go back to sleep! yet...she STILL calls. This mornings call was to inform me she was stuck at a gas station with her car over heating...mind you...if she needed me to come get her, the call would have been fine...but she was waitin on her boyfriend...just wanted to let me know he yelled at her when she called him. I care at 6:35am right? much love to ya'll...ya'll make me laugh!


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