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Smokey eyes

Can anyone recommend a good website that offers directions on how to accomplish the "smokey eye" look? I also prefer not to have to spend a load of money on the make-up because y'all know my husband is broke! LOL! Also does anyone know a site I can shop hairstyles that allows me to upload a photo to see what the styles look like? If you would please leave me a link or two I would so very much appreciate it! Oh yeah and they have to be for FREE. Once again, y'all know who my husband is!!! Thanks :-)


  1. Check youtube for smokey eye video tutorials. I believe Essence has a makeover app on the website. And for make-up try ELF Eyes Lips Face. There stuff runs for a dollar (generally) and it is good quality.

  2. Here are two pretty good tutorials on YouTube... Tutorial One
    Tutorial Two

    And, InStyle has a great makeover section that lets you try on here

  3. I get all my eye tutorials from youtube. I am a certified makeup junky. Just search smokey eye on there and take some pics so we can see lol.

  4. Thanks so much for the info ladies!! I'm try to get sexier for the hubby =D

  5. I've done a number of smokey eyes at my blog. There are some nice sets, very reasonable by Maybelline.


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