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Here are a few photos of Chardie and Brie at their best friend Haley's house. They have thoroughly enjoyed their Summer and are trying to get prepared for back-to-school. Lucky for me they LOVE school so this it's really easy!

They both went through a growth spurt this Summer.

William and I are officially the shortest people in our house!

I will surely miss these girls when they go back to school. Chardie is starting high school...YES high school! She's even talking about getting her driver's permit *gulp*



  1. You have beautiful girls.

  2. ugh I never want my baby girl to start high school, and I never want my baby boy to get a drivers permit.

    Pretty girls just like momma!

  3. The girls get more beautiful as each day passes!!

  4. Your girls are very pretty!

    I know how hard it is to watch them grow up. It's bittersweet you enjoy it but at the same time it happens so fast and before you know it there all grown up lol!


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