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First day of high school!

Chardonnay started her first day of high school today and we are so thrilled for her. Dwayne and I attended a parent breakfast and got to meet some of the teachers, staff and the her Principal. We feel so confident that she will have an amazing high school career. I am glad that I am not sad at all. I am so overjoyed to watch all my kids grow up and will be excited to see what they become in their adult lives. After all, the goal is to watch them grow up and guide them in a positive direction to become productive citizens. I can barely wait to see her when she gets home today to tell me all the details of her day.

The girl was giddy with excitement! We had to make her calm down and take deep cleansing breaths on the way to school so she would not pass out over being so hyped up!


  1. Oh my goodness! She is so beautiful! EEK high school! Hope she had a wonderful day!

  2. Wow! She is gorgeous! Poor child! I can only imagine what her first date is going to be like with Dwyane around! LOL! High School? Goodness time flies!

  3. High school was a blast for me, I just graduated in May -- I wish her the best.

    If you don't mind, would you check out my newest blog post?

    I'd appreciate it.

  4. Both of your girls are beautiful.
    Hope they have a great school year!

  5. Chardonnay looks beautiful,
    happy and ready. :~)


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