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Jul 6, 2009

As seen on TV

Do you purchase any of the "As seen on TV" products? I recently saw something you connect to your garden hose that turns it into a power washer. I really want to get one. Dwayne might not let me since I have one of those Pedi-paws things that has been used once (by Dwayne)! I insisted that I had to have it and have yet to actually use it.

Do you have any of those items that you swore you would use and just had to have it and it collects dust? You know you do...admit it, I want to know!


  1. I bought a Topsy Turvy & love it lol!

  2. I don't but a friend of mine has a Shark Mop that I use all the I know they sell those in stores now everywhere, but there was a time when it was only sold on TV.

  3. I want the slap chop and the Sham Wow! I am an impulse buyer therefore I try to resist the urge. :(

  4. What have I not bought should be the quetion. Me and my mom are infomercial junkies and with the quickness will buy something "As Seen on TV" when it arrives to the local stores. I love the section all together.

  5. I rarely purchase things "as seen on tv" The one thing I did purchase was an exercise DVD, actually I purchased several of them and I did use it. For about a week!

  6. I don't, but my step-mothers mom buys everything and anything sold on tv. She is constantly getting stupid little trinkets, school bus kiddie toilette's, personalized paper thin blankets, crap that I don't want and she gives them to us. :(


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