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Summer weekends are not always good

I am sure no matter what part of the United States and depending in what part of the world you live in you would agree that it is HOT HOT HOT! I really don't know what it is but it seems as if weekends are getting lazier and lazier and we sometimes get nothing done. Nothing.

This weekend the only accomplishments that were made was that Dwayne swapped out an old light switch in William's room that took all of 10 minutes. The hardest part of that was being sure when Dwayne shut off the power that he did not shut down the AC or kitchen appliances. He was successful. The only thing I really did was I purchased some weed eater trimmer string which was not actually used and is still in the bag on the kitchen counter.

Now one really bad part of the weekend was all the unnecessary snacking. As long as all of us are home we eat. ALL day long. Dwayne and I think we need to spend a part of the weekend away from each other in order to be more productive. Being together means being lazy. This much comfort can be a bad thing!

Does anyone find this happening in their household or are we just lazy slobs? Please tell us you are like this too!


  1. its been horrible hot here even for Texas we have hit record highs for the last 10 days, we i are virtual prisoners, allthough the poor hubby and employees suffer all day in the heat

  2. I understand about the heat. While on vacation we tried to limit time outside as much as possible. When we got back home, the day after was every bit of 100 something. I stayed inside till it was dark and then it was still hot.

  3. Oh yeah...the heat totally zaps my energy.

  4. It hasn't been very hot here, yet *Oregon* but I'm sure it's on it's way! When it gets in the 90's we tend to be VERY lazy, as well. Eating is a favorite past time here in the Beautiful Mess household. My poor grocery bill isn't in love with it. My thighs, however, LOVE it :-|

  5. the last week of school Alexis and I turned in 533 box tops we are extremly passionate about this fund raiser. ( i have been trying to leave this comment for 3 days kept getting that error message) crazy huh

  6. It's 4am, and I haven't gone to
    bed yet. And my day will start in
    about 3 hours. You're in a
    situation that you could not help.
    I have no excuse. I've gotta do better.

    Hope William feels better, and
    everything is back to normal.


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