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Jun 3, 2009

No Vent Day

We decided we would not have a vent day this week with all of the last week of school festivities going on. We are very focused on the girls wrapping up these final days and honestly, we have nothing to vent about! Even Dwayne has been behaving himself, well maybe a little bit more than usual. I'm sure he will do something stupid by next week. I am in 100% mom mode for the rest of the week but I will be posting some photos of what we have been up to. On another note, out garden veggies are growing like mad! We may have to have a produce swap with our neighbors. I hope everybody has a fantastic day :-)


  1. The end of the years is almost as busy as the beginning of the year. Hang in there and ih ope everything goes well.

  2. No vent days are the best =) I wish there were more like that.

  3. No vent days are good days!!! I can relate about how busy these last few days of school have been.
    Take care

  4. Well having nothing to vent about is a good thing be waiting for updates and pics of girls and end of year goodies. Ya'll take care.


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