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I went a little nuts

I know Dwayne is going to want to have a little chat with me about this post regarding his endorsement check. Sorry Dwayne, not this time. I went to the grocery store the other day and found one of my favorite beverage mixes on sale plus I had several coupons for them as well. I got ten containers all for FREE!!! All I do is add a pack to a little less water than it calls for and there you go, 60 jugs of low calorie drinks for the Summer! The Brita pitcher I won recently has come in very handy :) I think Dwayne should feel like I did some good for saving our family some money~!


  1. Great deal...I love the peach tea.

  2. FREE??? Your amazing. Alan would kiss my feet if I got something for Free.

  3. I see two reasons in this post that Dwayne will be looking for his endorsement check:

    1. photo of the product
    2. mentioning and LINKING to another product

    Say What??????? LOL You know he is going to be standing at the door with his hands out talking about where's MY ENDORSEMENT MON-TEEEEE :)

    Love ya'll


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