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Apr 15, 2009

Vent Day Wednesday

Welcome to this week's edition of Vent Day Wednesday. I have to apologize ahead of time for our behavior. You'll figure out why. Be sure to leave your vents in the comments section.



  1. Glad y'all were having a good time.

    I have to preface my vent by saying that, in today's economy, I am eternally thankful for my husband's job. However, I am very frustrated with it right now. Vic runs a 911 center. They are currently short one employee which doesn't sound like a lot but, when you cover 24/7, it is. He also has one employee out on short term medical leave. Add in the fact that they are under orders to cut all overtime except what is absolutely necessary and Vic's schedule SUCKS. Until they get another employee hired (please God let this one work out), Vic will be working 2 pm until 2 am Monday through Thursday. This will probably last at least a couple of months. Sucks, Sucks, Sucks.

  2. Kristin, small world, I understand truly what you are talking about. I am E-911 Certified. I was a telecommunicator for 5 years in an APCO accredited 911 center. The mandatory overtime makes you hope and pray that the person who did good in the training can make it on the floor with real calls. Too often a trainee will learn all the codes only to freak-out when they have to use them in real-life emergency scenarios and never returns. Tell you husband I am with him. He is the man in the mask that no one ever pats on the back because he is out of sight. He makes your commuinity sleep well at night because he protects them from knowing what goes on right around them.

  3. Thanks a million Dwayne. Its nice knowing their are people out there that understand.

  4. Hey B-Leg Shelly!!! LOL
    I had to do it :)

    So nice to know my husband isn't the only one that feels 'nice' after a nice cold one after working hard all day! Dwayne is real LAID back after a cold one! That was a cool surprise! I lost count of all the endorsements he let loose on this video! HaHa!!!

    As always, I look forward to VDW especially because your vents crack me up because ain't no ventin' goin' up in here! LOL

    22 more days! 22 more days!


  5. Oh WOW! My mom got a shout out!!! LOL! You are too funny! I am so glad you were able to say "Doritos"!! Thanks for my weekly laugh!


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