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Mar 14, 2009

Pajama weekend

It's 4:00 in the afternoon and I am still in my jammies. As a matter of fact, so is the rest of the family. I am just wanting to stay in all day, all weekend at that. We've got rain, cool temps and I have a horrible toothache that I am waiting out until Monday to get fixed. I would prefer to give birth over having a toothache, seriously. Even though I hate big busy cities, I do love the fact that doctors and dental offices are open 7 days a week. I guess that is the downfall of living in a smaller city. My dentist was closed on Friday! I am suffering but hanging in there. I hope to be back in action this upcoming week. What are you up to this weekend??


  1. Other than Tae Kwon Do for Joey today, we are doing very little. I would like to go to church tomorrow but Gabe is still sick so who knows.

  2. HOpe you enjoy the down time you deserve it

  3. *tapping on the computer screen*

    you wrote this:

    I would prefer to give birth over having a toothache, seriously.

    WOW~~~~~~you must really be in some serious pain!! i'm so sorry to hear about this!!

  4. I am reading this on Monday because I don't have internet at home :( We had wonderful weather this weekend, although it really sucks that I have to 'rest' and it hurts to clean out my flower garden's. But we had a wonderful weekends. And I LOVE pj weekends, they are the best!


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