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The Ped Egg

Has anyone out there ever tried the Ped Egg? I am one of those zany people that I want one but I am very skeptical and hate to waste my money. Of course on their website you can read customer testimonials, but for some reason I feel better getting the real from actual people I know or correspond with.

So if you have tried this product, what do you think? Did it actually work and would you recommend it to others?


  1. Me and Greg's mother were gagging at the commercial in the hospital after I had Jayden! Looks like it can tackle the crustiest of feet 0_o.

  2. heard of em... buy it and let me know... lol

  3. sorry never used one...the commercials make them look awesome! but they are only like $9.99 at walgreens...maybe worth giving it a try??

  4. never used it. let me know how it worked out for you ;)

  5. ok I am a sucker for infomercials and will try most thing under $20 got it at Walgreens for 9.99 an fgot a double set. Well I tried it and it worked for me. My feet were dry but not in need of a SOS if u know what I mean. Its goo for when u need to smooth out the heels til u can get to the salon.

    I would like to know if it works on overdried and cracked Rhino feet. Ne body out there willing to own up to their jacked up feet and try Ped Egg post a comment


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