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Oct 25, 2008

Televison is crap

I had a couple of moments this weekend to just lay around and flip through channels on TV. I watched bits and pieces of all kinds of shows, both for kids and adults. I came up with a conclusion. Watch Animal Planet, Food Network or Noggin (the preschool channel) or the News channels. As Dwayne would say "Those are the only channels that will not make you mad (except if you are hungry of course)". Everything else seems to be complete garbage. Don't get me wrong, I occasionally like to participate in watching mindless entertainment but some of the crap that is on these days ... ugh! I am glad I never introduced my kids to MTV, BET or VH1. I don't see how anything on those channels could be appropriate for kids. The reality shows are such an atrocity. I do have to admit though I have snuck a peek or two of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Boy, that Ne Ne is a trip! You can say that is part of that mindless entertainment I previously mentioned, hey I am not perfect!

Maybe I am just too mature (I refuse to call myself old!) to appreciate TV choices of today.


  1. I agree but would add Sprout! to your list. I however am a reality tv junkie. I love Survivor, Project Runway I can think of the rest - oh, some of American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance is my fave. I believe I have watched almost every reality tv show at least once. It is my guilty pleasure. And I also watch Dexter. And Lost. Desperate Housewives. Uh oh. I sound like a tv addict.

    Actually I tivo shows and watch them when I get around to it. Most of my time I am on the computer or with my family.

  2. I am into crime dramas. . .CSI, NCIS, Cold Case, etc.
    I don't like reality shows. I may watch a few episodes here and there in repeat form.

    I have to disagree with watching News Channels those stations upset me and make me mad.

    I have an internet addiction. I should be working or cleaning but I am to busy surfing and networking.

  3. I am a habitual channel surfer. I will start watching a show then turn once a commercial comes on then I'm watching something else. I have issues ;)


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