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How to tame a wild hubby

Pop this in the DVD player...

Sit one of these in front of him...

And offer up a few of these as needed and you are done!

This is a winning combination, you can't go wrong. The movie will keep him focused on the TV (as if it was possible to focus on anything else with the TV playing). The food will fill his gut and the beer will calm him down. Perfect. The end.


  1. Haha...I like it. It's a little different than what SBM suggested, but this must work for an old married guy.

  2. All I have to do is cut the TV on to Sportcenter or ESPN and my guy friend becomes instantly glued to it

  3. laughing you are so right on the mark one thing you forgot occupy the kiddos elsewhere in the house

  4. This could also be called: How to make the tina happy. LOL!

  5. I can't get Ty to stare at the TV... without football, baseball or falling asleep.

    Beer yes, greasy food nice...

  6. I'm immune to all of Sheena's hubby taming tactics!


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