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To all of you that like to leave your cellphone plastic on, tell me if you let it get to this point...



  1. It is now time to remove the plastic. IMMEDIATELY

  2. LOL! It's time for the plastic to come off. Poor Dwayne...he's got the cellphone plastic police on his tail!

  3. well, if people would leave his phone alone, the plastic would NOT be all mangled like that.


    let me stop.

    Dwayne, let the plastic go!

  4. It's time! Go get you some more plastic off of ebay! I admit...I keep the plastic on everything!

  5. Okay, I've got a confession to make. I just got a new phone (looks like the same model as Dwayne's too) and the plastic is still on it. But my hubby (who must have read your blog and saw my comment) took off the plastic on the front of the phone...but the rest of it's still there...even if it is peeling off. Everytime I look at it I think "I should take this off." But then I think of poor Dwayne and keep it on to show support. LOL!


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