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My part-time job

I have been working on my new part-time during the past few weeks in order to make some extra cash in my pocket. It seems as if Summer break mean an extra $50 plus on my grocery bill each week. I had to do something that did not require working outside of my home. I am making gourmet baskets for businesses. I will pretty much only work with businesses because most people don't want to spend what I have to charge in order to make a profit. I am having fun doing it and the kids enjoy watching me be creative. Here is the latest basket I put together...



  1. I so want to dig in to that basket! I hear ya, businesses only! I had the hardest time trying to sell The Body Shop products (when I was a consultant) to friends because they were always broke. Way to go WAHM!

  2. Looks so inviting! Can I have some? I've been wanting to get into the basket making business myself. Nothing too serious, just something to do when I have spare time...oh wait, when do I have spare time again ;-)

  3. You are soooo creative! Congrats on the job! ;)


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