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Our Graduate

Congratulations to Briahnna for successfully making it through her elementary school years. Briahnna won so many awards for her academic achievements including the highest honor of making all A's throughout her elementary school career. She also won the Lieutenant Governor's writing award for her entire school and several others. We are so proud of her!!! She is officially a middle schooler!!!

Her big sister Chardonnay was lucky to meet the keynote speaker Lucas McFadden ( a local news reporter soon to be a national news reporter per Dwayne). He was kind enough to pose for a photo, sign her yearbook, and offered words of encouragement to follow your dreams.
Little brother was being carried through the hallways by his grandmother because we did not want him to disrupt the ceremony with his loud grunting! Yes, he grunts like a man!!! And finally here are the proud parents...


  1. Congratulations to both Briahnna and Chardonnay! You and Dwayne must be so proud!!!

  2. How did I miss this???????????

    I am SO excited for her! Look at her. Please, make sure to ask Bri not to forget about the little people once she becomes famous! I am so proud of her! Love the photos especially the one of the proud parents!!!! You have EVERY single right to be proud. I hope you jumped up in the chair when they called her name. ;)

  3. I know I'm truly a mom because your kids are making me teary eyed! I still have my stack of report cards and awards from elementary school. I plan on scanning them..well not ALL of them! I'd be scanning FOREVER!

  4. Did I mention already that you are truly blessed?? LOL! Just reading the post already made ME feel proud.. I can't imagine how proud you and your husband are. Amazing children you have there.. :)

    Btw, it's a beautiful pic there of you and the hubby! :)


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