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Apr 8, 2008

I forgot!

Oh yeah, I do have a blog to update, right? I have been so busy loving my baby that I forget to post! I have him on a schedule and would you believe he knows the difference between night and day! I actually get sleep at night!!!! Here are a couple photos...

Our dog Milo loves to check on his new baby brother. He is so good with William and I am glad that he is exposed to animals from birth so he won't be afraid of them. Milo likes to come and get me when he hears William cry. It is so sweet!



  1. William is such a good baby! He lets you sleep at night? I don't think I knew what that felt like until Zoey was a year old. :) Milo is an awesome pup too.

  2. Look at William! So cute!!!!

    Schedule? Please break this down for me. I have a 3 year old and I still can't figure it out ;)

  3. I just have 2 questions: how are the big sisters doing with their new little brother? Are they spoiling him rotten yet? LOL!

  4. Tina-
    Big sisters are doing an awesome job with baby brother and no they don't spoil him, they just love on him all the time! They said they will not spoil him because they know they have to live with him!! The girls are trying to keep our house brat free!

  5. We have that bouncer too! Milo's such a good pup to William, that's so sweet. We took our cat and dog back to our mother's because it would be chaos. Having both the cat and dog was like having kids already, lol.

    *pinches William's cheek GENTLY*


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