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Nov 7, 2007

Explanation of crazy husband

I just wanted to take a moment to tell everyone what was going on in the videos for my last 2 posts. You all know by now that my husband apparently lacks home training. Well, the actual ultrasound clip was obvious. Dwayne could not figure out the boy part thing. Now of all men, you would think he would have recognized that right away.*shaking head* If you could have heard all the thing he was saying to my doctor, you would have been either laughing or choking him. In video 2, he was so happy he started to skip, yes skip down the hall and do a fake cartwheel. There was this older lady going to the elevator and she was scared half to death cause she thought Dwayne was about to take a dive. That poor woman! I had to stop the camera so I could punish him for acting up. And I am having a boy????!!!..... Lord help me!


  1. Too funny! Congratulations on your baby boy :)

  2. I laughed so hard when I saw him skipping. Dwayne is one excited Daddy! I was starting to tear up too. I remember when we had the ultrasound. Derrick wanted a girl so badly and his wish came true. It's all a miracle.

  3. I am sooooooo happy. Words cannot express. But, one thing for sure. I told you Ish would show up and show out when the gender would be revealed. I LOVE IT!!!!! ;)

  4. He's so excited!! There's nothing like having a boy to a Man. It means someone to get in to trouble Just joking!

    I love watching my little boy do things that remind of his Dad. Tonight his big sister switched seats at the dinner table, he got up and picked up her plate and fork and moved it to her new place mat for her. It put a smile on my face b/c it's something his Daddy would have done. The baby has just started walking but in a little while he'll be doing the same, learning how to be a Man from his older brother who's learning from Daddy.

    Enjoy your baby boy but don't spoil him, well...ok maybe just a little :)

    Thanks for the Bday wish!!

  5. I can't wait to read about the father/son shenanigans!


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