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Baby to the right

I am noticing that the little baby widget to the right is very scary! It is not as scary as it was in the earlier weeks but nonetheless, it is pretty creepy looking! It reminds me of the Ally McBeal baby! My crazy husband asked why the baby does not reflect our ethnicity. Only my husband would say that!


  1. Yeh, no kidding! Where are the beautiful brown skinned babies? I guess I'm like your hubby, I would ask that question too! :)
    How are you doing anyway?

  2. Hi, I think all the 3d widgets look a bit skary. I'm in week 8 and I use another widget from that looks rather nice. I hope your doing fine by the way. Mine is the first!!!

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  4. WHOA! you're right that widget baby has to go! ;)
    Hope you're doing well. Miss our chats.

  5. As long as your cute little chocolate chip doesn't turn out looking like Ally McBeal Baby. :) I can't wait to meet the new baby boy. You are both such good parents!

  6. 22 weeks!!!!!! Woo hoo! Post more belly shots! With your cute self :)

    p.s. Please tell me you are NOT going to get one of those 4d Ultrasounds. Please! don't do that to my nephew. Me no likey them! ;)


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