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Watch out Alicia Keys!

On this past Friday evening, our beautiful and talented daughters took the stage for their piano recitals. Since they are a little more advanced than the other students, they were challenged to pick three or four songs to play. Of course they each picked four. Their performances were flawless and they made their mom, dad, grandparents, friends, and piano teacher very proud! Here are a couple video clips of the performances.



  1. Your girls are VERY talented and adorable! You must be so proud. I've been trying to get Zoe to play an instrument, but she's still wishy washy about it. Oh well....

  2. Awesome!!! Maybe I should start teaching my kids to play the piano... I'm just so lazy!! kekekekeke...

  3. Wow! They're awesome! And they look beautiful, too. You have every reason to be proud!

  4. WOW! They did such an awesome job!


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