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Sep 29, 2007

BBCDO Fishing Trip


Today, Shelly had to put away the Honey- DO list because BIG DADDY is going FISHIN' . That is right FISHIN' not fishing (as ladies would say). This is my Manly-Man day and I was able to spend it with my Pops. The MAN that helped create the 8th wonder of the world.

I know the ladies are probably saying... " He needs to be home taking care of my girl, cutting the yard, painting, or something else besides doing some boring MANLY fishing".

Therefore, I have to say this for all the MEN in the Unites States of America and all the MEN globally.

Today I am man, Today I connect with nature, Today I connect with my brothers who bond over a simple pole, water, and bait. Today I ponder life and all it's mysteries. Today is the day my wife can not make me cut the grass, wash the car, or clean the gutters. Why? You ask me why? I'll tell you why. Because Today is the day I, as a MAN with my rightful HONOR as a MAN, I AM, goin' FISHIN' ---- NUFF SAID..



  1. Hey! I wanna see the ending with all the fish Dwayne caught! All the gear and man snacks had better brought in some big fish!

  2. I loved this post.

    He look so happy with his pops!!!!

    I'm cracking up about the man snacks. They are tooooo funny!

    DJ's watching the video and he just asked if he can go fish too. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  3. That video was so cute! I hope Dwayne and Pops had a great time fishin' and I hope they caught lots of good stuff!

    Girl, I know you relaxed and enjoyed your day. Did it involve curling up with your girls watching videos? I only say that because when D. is gone, Zoe and I do that. :)

  4. wait, you know i had to watch the video again! :)


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