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My new job title

I have officially changed occupations from being a SAHM to a driver/ Chauffeur. Since school has started back I feel like I spend a great deal of time behind the wheel of my car. I am always in the carpool line either dropping off or picking up children. I am the default picker upper to a couple parents at the school in the event they can't make it on time. My older child Chardonnay has made it on the volleyball team (go Lady Warriors!!) so she has practice every day of the week including some Saturdays. Then my little one Briahnna has her teaching gig (junior black belt instructor) 3 days a week both at her karate school as well as the after school karate program at her elementary. Funny how athletic my kids are as I have not a pinch of an athlete in my body. I guess their dad has a function after all! By the way, thanks to all of you for your well wishes on my pregnancy and for the advice. It is like being pregnant for the first time after having my last kid 11 years ago! Hope I know what to do!


  1. Back to School sounds like so much fun! ;)
    I'm so excited about your pregnancy!
    Great job on their athletic ability. I can barely get the soccer ball to go near the net! :)

  2. i'm showing up at anon--it's me!

  3. Wow! Your kids are busy. I guess the older it gets the more you need to drop them off here and there. I bet you can't wait for them to get their drivers liscenses! Or maybe you can. :)

  4. Maybe it's a good thing I don't own a

  5. Don't you know you are the only one cut out for 'this job'?! What will they do without us??

    Btw, please stop by my place to pick up your reward!

  6. Haha maybe you should get one of those bumper stickers that says "Mums Taxi"

    Tom LeDree


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