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Momfiles Contest Winner

Here's Tanyetta out of California showing off her winnings! Happy shopping girl!

Be sure to check her blog out at
To everyone that participated to make our first contest a success, I send you all a warm hearted Thank YOU. Look forward to our next contest coming soon. Maybe, I can convince hubby to up the Prize Package, but don't expect any cruises or new cars!! LOL!!!



  1. Hi Sheliza, greetings from south africa. so enjoyed your blog that I discovered today. Laughed out loud at your hubby (??) on the bicycle. My man did exactly the same thing a few days ago on my dd's little pink bike!
    melody from five-browns

  2. see!!! melody LOVEs the pic of Ish on the bike too! I cannot stand it. hilarious!

    ohhhhhhhhhhh!!! check me out with my winnings! you know i am NOT sharing with NOBODEE all up in my house either :)


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