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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's day dads!! What would we do without you?! As a tribute to my wonderful husband, I thought I would do something creative this year. I decided to scrap him! You know, make a couple scrapbook pages of him! He loves being a business man and he LOVES himself so that was my starting point. Here are the pages and keep in mind I am not very talented with this kind of stuff so no making fun of me!



  1. Happy Father's Day!!! Great scrapbook page

  2. The pages look awesome to me! Happy Father's Day to you hubby, my hubby, and all the daddy's out there. :)

  3. great scrapbook! he loves himself! haha...that was funny and i can imagine himself looking in the mirror saying hey goodlooking, i love you! to himself. :)

    i love you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    happy father's day!

  4. Great idea!I am a mad scrapper,love it and tend to scrap for gifts etc. You did a great job! I get a pretty good feel about him from these pages. How did he respond to them? My hubby loves it when I scrap him, he says I say more on my pages than I do in person!!!!

  5. Bet your hubby loved these pages. That was a great idea. Hope Father's Day was fun!


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