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The Summer months spent away from school is full of fun times and relaxation. In our house it is a bit different. We spend a lot of time teaching our girls a lot of life skills. The latest skill is cooking. I figured if something happened to dear old mom, the family would wither away and sadly dear old dad only knows how to maneuver his way over to the drive-up window! If the girls can get down some simple meals then they would be able to take care of the family if I was down. So far they have learned the art of seasoning and cooking meats, cooking veggies, rice, mac and cheese (from a box! Hey, they are kids!), and lots of prep work (washing, chopping, etc.) They really seem to enjoy it and even more tasting their fantastic dishes they created!



  1. Good job - I think that cooking, an activity that is essential to our survival as a species, is not valued the way it used to be. Hence a population that is GROWING - you know what I mean. I commend you for arming your children with the knowledge of how to feed themselves, which in turn teaches them to respect the food on their plates.

  2. I had my ten year old help me bake cookies a few days ago. I think tonight my oldest can help make spagetti for dinner since he loves it so much! hehe

  3. wow. i'm very impressed they know way more than i do. :) :( :)

  4. That is so great. What a wonderful life skill for your girls to learn. My boys love cooking already- I hope they can continue in their enjoyment just as your children do.

  5. That is great! Everyone should be a little domesticated if not alot...


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