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Russell Simmons, Honorable Mention

I was reading an article online this morning about Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. He said that the recording industry should ban the use of extrememly bad words in music. Yes, there's that old 'Freedom of Speech' thing, but when you are using vulgar words in every other phrase, there is a big problem especially to moms. We care about what our children listen to and unfortunately we can't be there to monitor every second of the day of our childrens' lives. Every time you turn your car radio on, there is a catchy and popular song on that you even find yourself listening to, but when the kids are in the car you change the station because of the suggestive words. I truly hope that Russell Simmons will be able to use his status to bring results. Sadly, we live in a world that obscene language and behavior is acceptable by society. Check the full story out here.

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  1. Everytime they show Russell on Run's house, he's always cussing! I love it.

    He goes to yoga, meditates and cusses like a sailor.

    p.s. i scanned his book at target yesterday.

    titled: DO YOU!


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