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Hubby saves the day, sort of

This morning my sister and her husband were leaving my house when my brother-in-law tells me "There's a snake under your steps". Of course I just knew he was tricking me because he does that sort of thing all the time. Well, sure enough I could see the body of this snake slithering (I am freaking out at the moment) under my front deck. I instantly call my husband from my cell phone and he ran out to investigate. He goes and grabs a rake (I guess he must have not seen the shovel) and goes on a mission... he had beads of sweat dripping from his forehead... Next thing you know he starts to pretend that he is the Crocodile Hunter!! LOL!! I think his poor acting skills scared the snake away. Of course I will let him think it was his 'manliness' that did the trick! As it turns out, it was just a common garden snake, still a snake though!!


  1. Great story!!! Your husband sounds hilarious! I HATE snakes too!!!

  2. You're the perfect wife for doing this:

    Of course I will let him think it was his 'manliness' that did the trick!


    i love it. you're supposed to run and get the videocam for moments like this!!!

  3. Love the snake story.


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