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Sep 30, 2010

Look what came in the mail for William

His favorite...CARMEX!! Thank you to the Carmex company for the great gift. He is one very content toddler :)

Shelly, Mom Files

Sep 23, 2010

Addicted much?

It's no surprise that my family loves Carmex lip balm. It is a must have for us and we don't go a day without it. Now William on the other hand has a fascination, perhaps obsession with Carmex...stick, tube, strawberry, cherry, original...he has no preference. He does not actually use the stuff, he just likes to hold on to it. If any of us have one in our posession and he sees it he will yell out "carwex!" and we prepare to say good-bye to it. He will seek out his Carmex all over the house. Yesterday I caught him with 4, yes FOUR of them at one time. I am not making this up. I had to grab him to snap a photo.
He has even fallen asleep clutching a Carmex in his hand. I really don't know what it is but I won't complain. It is like a compact little soothing device for him. The parents from Brie's volleyball team are always so amazed at how calm Will is when Carmex is in his hand. They said they need to go try it out with their little ones! I am sure they also think the Ismails are a bit crazy, haha! Hey, it beats having a 2 year old sucking on a pacifier or carrying around a blanket all day.

Y'all better not be making fun of his big head!! haha :)

Question: Does your child have a fascination for something unusual?
Shelly, Mom Files
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