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Aug 2, 2015

Useful & Budget-Friendly Kitchen Gadgets You Didn't Know You Needed

I have been a long time fan of kitchen gadgets. Anything that makes life easier is always a plus for me. Sometimes these gadgets come with a big price tag and I am more likely to not purchase them. Today I want to share some of the latest gadgets I received to review that are very economical.

First up is the IMUSA Avocado Slicer. I admit, I really wasn't too sure how to use this item at first. It took me a few tries to figure it out. It is good for if you are cutting multiple avocados at once. The IMUSA Avocado slicer features an ergonomic handle with stainless steel accents. This plastic avocado slicer cuts and peels an avocado half in easy motion. Available at for $2.99.

Also from IMUSA, is the Citrus Squeezer. To say that I am big into home cooking and baking, I did not own one of these before. This handy tool that makes extracting citrus juice a breeze. This colorful and stylish hand-held press has an ergonomic design for comfort, and a bright yellow exterior finish to add a pop of color to your kitchen.  The squeezer juices lemon or limes quickly, without the seeds or mess. Available at for $8.99. I LOVE this item so much and I'm so happy to finally have one in my kitchen!

Finally, I received the The COOKINA Cuisine Reusable Cooking Sheet and the COOKINA Gard Oven Protector. The reusable cooking sheet can be used for baking cookies, pastries and other desserts. The Cuisine is an innovative product that creates a nonstick, easy-to-clean and healthy cooking and baking experience. Ideal for using as an alternative to aluminum foil, parchment and wax paper. The excellent non-stick feature means having no need to use oil or needing to clean the tray and oven afterwards. The neat part is that you can cut the sheet to fit your pans. I was able to cut mine down to 2 sheets so it was like a 2-for-1. It also comes with its own scrubber for a super easy clean up. You can purchase it at for $12.99.

The COOKINA Gard Oven Protector is a toxin-free, easy-to-use product that helps home cooks keep the oven clean with minimal effort. Home cooks need not worry about cleaning the oven after each use with this product. Users can simply place the oven protector on the bottom of the oven to catch every spill and splatter for an easier clean-up, without any odor. This will be super helpful during the holiday season when my oven is being used almost daily. Available at for $12.99.

I think that all of these gadgets would make a great gift for the home chef in your life or as a house-warming present. The prices are excellent when compared to some of the competitors' brands.

Disclosure: I received product samples for review purposes and all opinions are 100% my own as always.

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