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Sep 25, 2014

Online Casinos: Mothers Enjoy them too!

The online casino industry is now worth billions of dollars, and for good reason; these sites have shot to prominence through a mixture of favourable legislature, technological advancement, and ease of use. Online gaming is now a thoroughly accepted pastime; in the nations in which it is legal; and as a result is an activity that millions of people, hailing from a diverse range of groups and backgrounds, now love to partake in. Surprisingly, one of the largest cohorts within this user- base is mothers; why, then, do mothers enjoy taking part in online gambling so much?

First off, with the rise in the gambling industry and its recent shooting to prominence, the acceptability of online gambling has become palpable. Gambling is no longer the seedy, shady pastime it used to be; deadbeats, wasters and burnt out celebrities trying their fortunes one last time in Sin City’s seedy halls; this simply is no longer the case. With sites such as uptownaces, offering games alongside sound advice to combat addiction and vice, individuals have woken up to the idea of responsible, fun gambling, far removed from the puritanical ideals of yesteryear. For mums, people who often carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, this assurance is incredibly important and has facilitated online gaming’s rise.

The accessibility of online gaming is also bringing mums to the fore. Tablets, smart phones, and to a lesser degree, laptops, now grant the ability to play anywhere you want, whenever you want. For mums, this is a godsend! Picking up the kids from the unending multitude of clubs, activities and the like takes up a heck of a lot of time. Where once mums would have to endure the banality of the radio for ten minutes whilst they waited for their bounding brood, now, boredom can be obliterated merely with a swipe of the touch screen and a quick game. The fact that so many online gaming providers now have their own dedicated apps has also tipped the balance in the favour of accessibility.

Security is a paramount concern whenever conducting any activities involving money over the internet. With this in mind, one can understand why it took so long for online gaming to progress from its humble beginnings in 1994 to the sleek, user friendly form in which it currently is. Cash, cheque and credit card transfers are now a no go, however, replaced with the usage of e-commerce sites and other safe methods of payment. As such, mums now know they can trust the sites on which they play, and this revelation of sorts has led to a massive increase in player numbers!

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