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Oct 23, 2013

Check out Fotor- Free Online Photo Editor

I recently stumbled upon a free online photo editing site called Fotor. I gave it a try to see how it compared to other photo editing sites. I found that it is very user friendly and fast. I have had issues with some sites taking a long time to process my edits. Fotor took my request quickly so that really stood out to me. I always have photos to edit for my blog so my time is valuable. They offer so many options as far as basic editing needs, frames, text, filters and more. They even have some Halloween themed options. I think a cute photo frame will be in order for my son's Halloween costume photo. They have some cute ones to choose from. If you are looking for a free online photo editor, I recommend Fotor. 



  1. Fotor- Free Online Photo Editor seems to me sound like very outstanding and I would like to have and give it a try for once and If I will feel better then Must use it forever. Thanks

  2. i tried fotor and pixlr before, theyr really awesome as free online photo editing tools, also one of the best is picmonkey or smth like that


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