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Aug 8, 2012

Make dinner fast with KRAFT Fresh Take {Giveaway}

**Contest Closed** Winner is 1stopmom Congratulations! 

 Do you feel like you get stuck in the "what to cook for dinner" rut? I know I do. I feel like I cook most of the same meals on repeat every month. I also have been feeling time crunched with all the back-to-school preparations we have going on. I can't begin to count how many trips I make each day to get the kids to where they need to be. When it comes time to cook dinner, I try think of whatever is quick and easy. KRAFT Fresh Take has been a great help in that. Found in the dairy aisle, this simple meal kit consists of a cheese and breadcrumb mixture that gives you flavorful, crisp and cheesy dishes with only 5 minutes of prep time. I picked up a pack of the KRAFT Fresh Take in the Rosemary & Roasted Garlic variety to try out. The neat thing about this product is that you can  go simple or get as creative as you like. I won't lie, I went the easy route. I grabbed a pack of boneless pork chops and followed the simple steps on the package. Seriously, even people who can't cook can do this!  I threw them into the oven while I prepared my sides (mashed maple sweet potatoes and fresh green beans).

I am pleased to say that I made this fancy looking meal in about 35 minutes! The pork chops were perfectly cooked and very juicy and flavorful. The entire family gave this meal two thumbs up! I wasn't sure if the hubby would like it and to my surprise, he loved it. Since I had some extra time, I baked up a batch of cookies from some leftover cookie dough I had in the freezer.

KRAFT Fresh Take comes in six flavor varieties including: Southwest Three Cheese, Savory Four Cheese, Rosemary and Roasted Garlic, Italian Parmesan, Chili Lime and Panko, and Cheddar Jack and Bacon. There are so many great recipe ideas on the website. I plan on making the turkey meatballs in the near future.

To help inspire your next summer culinary adventure, KRAFT Fresh Take  is offering for one Momfiles reader to win a “Explore the Unexpected with KRAFT Fresh Take” grilling/mealtime pack valued at $50 which includes : 
· A Gratuity coupon
· Quirky Porter BBQ Prep & Serve Tray
· Fox Run Mesh Food Cover

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Kraft Foods is providing the prizes for this program at no cost to me and has provided me with a gift of equal value for review. This program is not administered or sponsored by Kraft Foods or its affiliates, but solely by Momfiles. As always, all thoughts/opinions are 100% my own. 
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  1. a chicken dish with broccoli and carrots

  2. I would try Southwest Three Cheese on chicken

    leannemacg at

  3. I'd make the rosemary and garlic chicken.

  4. I would make Chicken with Cheddar Jack and Bacon

  5. I'd make some Southwest Chicken Strips!

  6. southwest chicken strips
    debbie jackson,
    djackson1958 at hotmail dot com

  7. I'd use it on chicken breast cutlets and pork loin :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  8. I would love to try the Cheddar Jake and Bacon on chicken.

  9. maybe on pork chops with lots of veggies
    tcogbill at live dot com

  10. rosemary with garlic and some veggies

  11. I would love to use the Cheddar Jack and Bacon. I love bacon! It might taste good on some chicken breasts.

  12. I'd like to use it on Catfish

  13. I plan to make a chicken casserole.


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