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May 29, 2007

Attention all wives- RED ALERT!!

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT ever let an already obnoxious spouse drink this new beverage made by Arizona. This can has 3 servings and is jammed packed with herbs for energy. Well, my Einstein of a husband drank the entire can! This explains his recent "take-over" and has placed him in the dog house for all his atrocious behavior!

May 28, 2007

BBCDO- The Take Over


May 22, 2007

Glamour gone WILD~!

I was recently channel flipping on cable tv and just when I thought television was complete crap these days, I was proven right. There is this show on VH1 called Little Beauties: Ultimate Kiddie Queen Showdown. I did not watch the whole thing cause it was plain ridiculous. What are these parents thinking by putting little 6 year old girls through hell by dressing them in 2 thousand dollar gowns, caking their baby-soft skin with clown make-up, and making the bee-hive style make a comeback?!!! All for money! Even the little girls were saying that they hope to win money. They are being aged before their time because of greed. Sorry folks, good looks do not last forever! Poor little girls.

May 21, 2007

Free Samples... YES!!!

Look at all the FREE samples I got today in the mail (8 in all)!! My hubby knows he needs to stop giving me a hard time because I do not have to keep running the store to spend $$ on health and beauty and household items. Leave a comment and let us know who the sensible one is. I will enter your name twice for the FREE gift card contest!


May 17, 2007

Oh no she didn't!

Today I (Sheliza) went to volunteer at my older daughter's school. My task of the day was "book collection". The object of the task was, well... to collect books. Not too bad I thought. I also had to deliver some books to classrooms and I heard the dreaded sound... the school bell. Within a matter of seconds, the hallways were overrun with mobs of students. I was with a couple other moms at the time. We carefully stood on the side to clear ourselves from getting run over. There was a nice girl that I have seen many times (at the carpool pickup line) and she was standing behind me. She does not know me but I am sure she was aware that I was an adult. All of a sudden she starts spewing four letter words about the book cart being in the way. My mouth as well as the other moms' mouths dropped in disbelief. I am not living under a rock someplace that I do not face the facts that kids use curse words, but this time I was shocked that they were blatantly being used in front of adults willingly without a care in the world. Later that day my husband accompanied me to go pick the girls up from school. I was back at the middle school once again. There were two girls walking right by our car and they said the 'F' word at least 3 times and even looked at us in our faces! Girls are so much bolder than boys, it's unbelievable! My husband was so outraged. He immediately told both daughters that if he ever heard another parent say that they heard his child cursing in front of adults, they better be prepared to fight. I let the girls know that they would also need to be prepared to lose the fight! When we were kids, we thought we were big and bad if we said 'hell', but we definitely knew better than to say it in front of a grown up! Too bad things aren't that way anymore. Apparently the word 'respect' has been pulled from the dictionary. Very pathetic.

May 16, 2007

From Kinky to Straight

Here are some amazing before and after shots of my girls' hair. I used the Chi straightening iron and this was the result! The actual straighting tool cost me $130, but overall was a good investment. They both have the thickest, curliest hair that is so hard to manage. Relaxers are too harsh and expensive so it was highly recommended that I get the Chi iron. I would definitely recommend it to others as well.

The crazy expression comes from their dad's (aka "bad boy") side of the family!

May 15, 2007

Free Money Contest Update

I just wanted to clear up a few things that some of our awesome readers were uncertain about. In order to be eligible for your name to go in the drawing to win the cool prize, you must comment on any post on the blog. We will be counting comments from May 14-31, 2007. The more you post comments, the more chances you have to win... It's just that easy! If you are lucky enough to win, the photo that will be posted is one of your choice. I will keep my husband away, I promise! Oh yeah, speaking of my husband...he wants any of the "fellas" that want a photo posted on his "Bad Boys Club" section to feel free to email one (family friendly please!) and become a lifetime member. Gosh, that was so corny! :) Send us your comments and good luck!!

May 14, 2007

Want FREE money?

Hello to all of our wonderful Momfiles readers! Momfiles is currently holding its first contest for a chance to win a $25 gift/debit card! All you have to do to enter is to post a comment (as often as you wish) on posts dated May 14, 2007 until May 31, 2007. Your name will go into the pot for each comment submitted and the winner will be announced on June 1, 2007. The winner will be notified via email and will be required to submit a photo (to be posted on Momfiles). To find out more click here. Be sure to read the rules at the bottom of the page. Good Luck and we look forward to hearing from you!

May 13, 2007

Poem- Happy Mothers Day

Hello to all of our Mothers,
Happy Mothers Day to You,
Happy Mothers Day to You,
We are so proud of You,
for doing all that You do.

Happy Mothers Day to You,
Happy Mothers Day to You,
You are the one who delivers life,
You are the one who takes care of running noses
late at night,

You are the one who knows when something
is not right,
Yet, You are the one whose hug can make
everything alright.

Happy Mothers Day to You,
Happy Mothers Day to You,
The world could not exist without You,
It may not be said every day,
but we all Love You,
and we love You everyday.

May 12, 2007

Momfiles- Flip That Foreclosure

Moms and Dads Real Estate Investors trying to Profit from Foreclosures! Stage one, the delinquency phase is the time to structure a deal.

Coming across a homeowner willing to liquidate the property at this stage is priceless. I say this for 2 specific reasons...

(1) Partnership: There's a lot of external pressure on the homeowner(s) at this time. The home loan lender is calling, and most likely so are other creditors. The environment in the home is very challenging for everyone. If you are in a position to bring a "SOLUTION" to the homeowners problems. You place yourself in a very favorable position. Always remember "foreclosure is an emotional process" to deal with from a homeowners perspective. Partnering with the homeowner(s) to solve their problem is where you want to be. As a partner you are someone they can trust, someone who is honest in their dealings, compassionate, and professional. The best win/ win deals are created here in my opinion. Having worked to structure many foreclosure purchases for my investor clients, I have seen the stage one strategy work many of times. This is the best way to ensure you get the deal.

(2) Lack of Competition. When a person is trying to Profit from Foreclosures! Speed is very important. I remember back in 1997, the ultimate deal that got away from me because of my fear of moving forward. I was so afraid that I would make a mistake that I literally made the mistake of taking my time. I read a quote once that says " you can't steal second base in slow motion". After losing my deal, believe me I understood that quote very well. I often drive past that home on Oakland Avenue just to remind myself of what non-action can do. Anyways, when you deal in stage one, the delinquency phase, you do not face much competition from fellow investors. Trust me in Foreclosure Deals there is no honor amongst investors, each man or woman for themselves. I am not writing from a fairy tale story. I am writing from in the trenches. I have counted money that was taken at the last moment by some slick talking investor who got a tip that the house I was working on was in play. This is in the trenches talk. Oops, I am rambling again- sorry.

When you have a homeowner partnering with you. They are more likely working with just you. They may have gotten your information from a trusted friend of theirs. However, when stage two comes into play. The flood gates open and your homeowner will have more investors coming at them, like an A rated celebrity has paparazzi on Oscar night, and everyone wants to get that one perfect shot.

Your homeowner will begin to get mail solicitations, phone solicitations, and investors just showing up at the door. Remember "foreclosure is an emotional process", and with your homeowner meeting all these new investors with their solutions. Well, let's just say, you begin to move down the totem pole. With each new investor singing to the choir, your homeowner starts to hesitate on moving forward with your deal even if it is the best solution. Do not take this personal. The homeowner is only seeking what they perceive to be the best "SOLUTION" for them.

Now can you understand why I say stage one is the best stage to create win/ win solutions? So go for it, and remember "You can't steal second base in slow motion".

May 9, 2007

Husbands can be right once in their life

Hello friends! Today I have been a very, very bad wife. I was vacuuming this morning as my fabulous, hunky, handsome husband watched. I was going toward the speaker cord when he told me to be careful before I vacuum it. I told him, "I see it and this old vacuum would not have had enough power to suck it up anyway". So on went the vacuuming when again my fabulous, hunky, handsome husband noticed I was almost about to run over the vacuum cord. This time I did in fact run over it (by accident, I swear!). Let's just say that the cord is now tangled on the brush part and it is shredded like mulch! OOOPPPS! If you could have seen the look I got....I am still scared! LOL!! I asked him if he was mad but he insisted he was not. The bad part is I keep getting the "I told you so" because I completely swore the vacuum was not suctioning properly. Now I am out of a vacuum and I was wrong for one of the very few times of my life! Not a good day :(

Family Finances Update

Hello Everyone,

I received a few emails about my
recommendation. It is important that I mention a few facts.

  1. This is a Free program to join and it is designed to help families save money for college education. It will also help those that have Sallie-Mae student loans decrease their balance.

  2. To sign up you must enter a grocery card, debit card , or credit card at time of signing up.

  3. When you shop at different locations, money will be credited to your child's account if the product you buy is a sponsored partner of

Example Yesterday we had to purchase

  • Tylenol Allergy due to the allergies that run crazy in our home. We used our debit card that we have registered with .By using that particular debit card, 2% of our purchase price will be credited to our college saving account.

  • I grabbed some Bic Razors and we had 3% of the purchase price credited to our account.

  • Last stop, Pep Boys Auto where I purchase items to clean the car like tire shine, car wash, car deodorizer, etc.. and had 2 % credited.

See how easy it is to accumulate? 2% here and 3% there can really add up. Just by doing my normal shopping. This is like FREE MONEY! I am now having my mom and father join. Then I am going after the in-laws, aunts, uncles, pretty soon I'll have the whole family reunion contributing to my kids college education. Hey, every little bit helps.


May 8, 2007

Family Finances

It is May and tax season is behind you. It is now time for you to take inventory and prepare yourself for the next tax year. I recommend that your take a look at your current W-4 holding. If you are withholding too much of your gross income, what you are doing is giving Uncle Sam an interest- free loan, you might as well just send me the money ( just kidding- no seriously). On the flip side, if you are not having enough money taken out, you will end up paying out to Uncle Sam at the end of the year. To figure out what you should do. Take time to visit,,id=96196,00.html .

May is also a great time for you to take inventory of all your personal belongings. Take the time to document your personal assets. As we have seen here in the United States, Mother Nature has really been ticked off at us. Why? That is another post for another day. Right now we must learn from her that a hurricane, flood, snow storm, or tornado can strike at anytime. Therefore, having your assets documented via an excel spreadsheet (with serial numbers and photos), or video taped, and stored with your insurance agent can protect you later on.

As mentioned previously, expect oil prices to reach over $70.00 a barrel by summer. What does this mean to you ? It means gas prices will climb to $4.00 a gallon for the average cost across the nation.

Great time to join the FREE program Upromise and start saving for your child's education. Mobile Gas is offering 1 cent per gallon of gas donated to your child's account. Those pennies can sure add up!

Click here to sign up:
Upromise - Join millions of families who are discovering a whole new way to save for college

May 6, 2007

Spring Fling

Our Family went to the "Spring Fling" carnival that was held at our little one's elementary school. It was loads of fun! We watched the kids bounce around all over the place, ate corndogs and pizza, and Big Daddy can never stay away from the bake sale!! He says he has to give every effort to "support his child's school".

The kids went on a hayride, we viewed all the cool things the vendors had to offer and the kids had their hair spray painted blue and orange!

We had such a nice time together and were all Spring Flinged out for the year!

May 4, 2007

Bring it on Ladies!- Go Boy Power!!

Welcome to world...I am so glad that you are in it today! It is great to be here with you. Extra- Extra read all about it... Ismailwire and has joined forces once again to bring the maximum value to both blog readers. (Well lets just say my wife won the bet.) I am married to the beautiful Sheliza and she used her womanly charms to convince me to be her blog writer for father issues, and assist with small business advice for her (oops, "Our Readers"). My grown up job is President of Financial Options, LLC a commercial real estate lending firm in SC. I plan on sticking up for the dads that read her (oops, "Our Blog"). As a man, I will be a champion of the man people, I will be a voice for the men near and far. Bring it on ladies! Go- BOY POWER! (What, my wife controls what gets posted ?-Hey No Fair!)

* Wife made put this: "I am really excited about being a part of, my wife was right, and I will obey the rules".

Man, censorship already... on my first post! Fellas, I will need your help to back me up on here. Make sure to help me out by commenting on my post. But in my manly defense, (wife is looking over my shoulder), I 'll just shut up here. Take care everyone and have a great day. Ismail "the Great" ! Go Boy POWER!

May 3, 2007

Stay-at-home moms may become extinct!

I was watching the evening news last night and the anchor was talking about (what other than) the sticker shock we are facing for gas and groceries. We all are seeing how expensive it is to fill up our vehicles and it seems to burn faster than ever! Then they talked about corn. I guess I never realized just how much corn is so much a part of virtually everything we eat and drink with the exception of fresh fruit and vegetables. Corn is used in the form of corn syrup as a sweetener... corn is fed to the chickens that lay eggs than we cook and bake with...corn is fed to the cows that produce the milk we pay 4 bucks a gallon for... many products contain corn (snacks, cereal, etc...) and then there is ethanol . It is said that gas will most likely go up to $4 a gallon this Summer. Looks like no relief anytime soon. I know that I continue to shop according to sales and combining coupons to help cut back. I even shop 2-3 grocery stores (all located next to each other) to stretch my dollars. I know it is hard for working people to do that. Speaking of which, if these costs stay this way for years to come, does this mean the stay-at-home mom will have to go find a job outside of the home to help support their family? What do you think?

May 2, 2007

Watch comes trouble!!

Hello friends, hope everyone is having a fantastic day! I am going to have my hubby do a few posts each week. Lots of you have contacted me and think he is so entertaining. Trust me, you just don't know~! He feels like he can offer some advice to the ladies about a 'man's point on view'. I know some of you are laughing right now, because I know I am! ;o) Let me stop making fun of the guy (that will be next week's post with a video clip of how loud he snores!). No I really should stop before I get my stay-at-home mom title revoked! He will also offer other good bits of information and tips dealing with real estate, financing, credit, and "daddy" advice. I always mention that he is a big baby, this is why I refuse to give him a son. Who needs two Dwayne's in the world! Now folks, be open minded because sometimes the man is a little too "out there"! I have signed up for a lifetime of "better or worse". Ha! Ha!~

May 1, 2007

Digital phone service

Hello all! Today I wanted to give you are warning, in the event you did not already know this. Digital phone service has become a very popular choice recently and saves big bucks when compared to the traditional phone lines. I personally have digital phone for home and business and have been pleased mostly for the savings. Here it comes, the downfall... when you are receiving a call waiting call and click over, beware that the person you were speaking with can possibly hear your conversation on the other line. This has happened to me twice! I now do not bother to click over and just let the calls go to voicemail. You never know who might hear something that was not intended for their ears! My local provider assured me that this was temporary and they are working out the "glitches". So be careful what you say!
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