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Mar 20, 2017

The School Of Success!

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Parenting involves countless difficult decisions. One of the first, and most fundamental, is which school to send your kiddo to. Finding the right school is important for many reasons. What your child learns in their early years could impact every decision they make from then on. Plus, you need to know they’re happy. The best school could have an atmosphere that your child just doesn’t get along with. So, no pressure! The good news is, taking your time to choose will ensure you can find the right school. And, remember, you can change later down the line if you need to! Here are a few of the considerations you’ll need to make.


Your child is the most important factor in this decision. As such, you should consider their needs throughout your decision process. Asking them which school they want to go to may not work. But, there’s nothing wrong with taking them to see a few and asking which they preferred. Make sure to talk through their decision, though. Children can have strange reasoning. If their choice is based on a display, or a coat they saw someone wearing, you may have to explain things a little more. It’s also important to take into account what you know of your child’s personality. Some children are better suited to homeschool, while others thrive in a school environment.


With a bit of luck, you’ll have a good selection of schools in your catchment area. If not, don’t be afraid to go the extra mile. You could even get the movers in if you aren’t happy with your choices. But, bear in mind that primary schools don’t vary all that much. Make sure you’re certain before you do anything drastic. A good way to judge is to pay visits to the schools in question. If a local school has a bad reputation, a visit could show you that it’s unfounded. Plus, you don’t want to move closer to another school, only to find out that’s not right either.


The task of choosing can be overwhelming. Many parents turn to test results to help with their decision. In truth, though, test scores aren’t a sign of much. They certainly shouldn’t be what you base your decision on. Often, tests results aren’t an accurate reflection of the teaching itself. Tests only cover around a third of the curriculum. Schools that score well are often guilty of focusing on this third. Sometimes, that means neglecting everything else. Look for a friendly environment over a high score.
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But, teachers most definitely are everything. The best teacher can help your child flourish. For proof, look back at your school years. Wasn’t it those teachers you had a connection with that got the best results? The same will be true for your child. During your visits to each school, pay particular attention to each teacher. Pay attention, too, to how your child acts around them.

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