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Mar 30, 2017

Keeping Your Family Ties Strong

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In the past, I’ve described a family like a business, but it’s more like a team. If you think about it, unofficially or officially, everyone has their own little role to play in the family. One of your children might be the wisecracking comedian who always cheers the rest of you up during hard times. Another might be the entertainer, eager to share her voice on cold winter nights. Parents have roles too. You might be the strict one that keeps the kids in line, and your partner could be a complete pushover who is great for tucking them in at night. Like any team, it’s important to keep ties tight and ensure that you are there for one another. More than that you need to know when there’s an issue that you might need to work through as one. Before I mention a few of the ways that you can keep your family close, let’s look at some of the reasons it’s important.

Kids Need To Feel They Can Come Forward

Your kids should be able to feel close enough to you that they can tell you anything. Otherwise a problem could be bubbling underneath the surface that you’re just not aware of. For instance, they might be getting bullied at school. Over 40 percent of children get bullied at some point during their school life, and the effects can be quite serious. But if you don’t know it’s happening you won’t be able to help.

Support On The Bluest Days

All families go through hardships at one point or another. They’re hard to talk about, difficult to admit but they are there. It could be anything from grief to redundancy to a medical condition. But with a strong family for support, you will all get through these situations and come out the other side. There are 7 steps to help a loved one get into rehab, and one of them is an intervention. This means that the family comes together and recognizes there’s a problem. But they can only do this if the trust and support are already there.

Learning By Doing

As well as this, by keeping your family close and family ties strong, your kids are going to recognize the importance of this. One day, when they have families of their own, they’ll make sure they use the same tactics to keep their own little team connected. So, what do you need to do to make sure you can support one another as a family?

Weekly Meetings

A weekly family meeting gives you the chance for your kids or your partner to come forward and discuss a problem or issue. You might think that this will just happen naturally. However, with busy work and school schedules, it can get lost in the shuffle.

Family Night

It’s not all about talking and dissecting problems. Making time to enjoy each other’s company as a family is important too. As children get older, you’re going to find this is more difficult because they’ll have their own commitments. Try to squeeze it in for as long as possible and throw in the occasional weekend trip as well. Having fun together is the best way to stay connected.

No Blame, No Shame

Children should feel like they’re not going to be punished for telling the truth. A simple example of this could be a child breaking a vase by accidentally knocking it over. If they come forward to tell you this, you shouldn’t punish them. Instead, you should reward their honesty and accept it was an accident. By doing this, it’s more likely that they’ll come to you again, even in more serious circumstances.

Trust Is Key

Make sure you show your children that they are trusted. So, trust them to tidy their own room, and since you are trusting them, they will trust you not to rummage through their belongings. It’s a two-way street, and if you already have an open relationship, you shouldn’t need to worry about them hiding something. You will have made them feel as though they can come to you with any issue.

Don’t Cancel Plans

Finally, if you make plans with your family do everything in your power not to cancel them. Obviously, issues will crop up such as work deadlines or important meetings. But, you have to realize that by canceling time with the family you are sending the message that they can’t depend on you. If you always stand by your word, children will know you will be there in times of need.

I hope this helps you understand the importance of keeping family ties strong. If you do, together you’ll weather any storm that comes your way.

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