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Jun 29, 2016

We Got New Pet Hermit Crabs! Now What?

We frequent Myrtle Beach throughout the year and have a family tradition of stopping by a touristy spot on the drive home called Sparky's. Every time we go there, William and Dwayne must stop by the hermit crab cages and look at them until I yell, "Let's go!". I finally gave in and decided to let them get a couple. I confess, I did NO research beforehand and that is very unlike me. I guess I'm always the less fun parent when it comes to our son so I decided to live a little.

Since William was the one most wanting hermit crabs, we told him to name them. He came up with Hermie (of course) and Fred. I tell you what, we spent a whole lot for these two little critters. I do love the habitat we purchased though.

Here is Hermie. Of course after the photo was taken, he (or is it she?) decided to stick his claws and legs out. I am not quite brave enough to hold them. 

William could sit and watch his new pets all day long. We have made it a point that he has to take responsibility in taking care of them. 

So here's the thing. I know very little on how to take care of hermit crabs. There's a boatload of information out there, and some things are very contradictory. This is why I wanted to reach out to my readers for YOUR advice. If you have any experience with hermit crabs, I'd appreciate your tips. What natural foods can we feed them? How often do you clean their habitat and HOW do you even do it? I'm nervous that this is going to end up being a whole lot of work. I look forward to any feedback I can get! Thank you :) 



  1. We used to stop at the kiosk at the mall to look at these lil crabs too. Never bought one though. Hope it goes well lol.

  2. Aww, what a cutie! I would say that this plastic box is not the best option for a habitat, because they need more space to play and run. A glass aquarium would be much better! Anyways, to clean his poop, find the buried food and toy parts you might use a fish net or a kitchen strainer to filter the sand through it. Re-order the toys occasionally to keep your little buddy from getting bored. Shake the sand out of all toys, shells and containers.

    Hope I've been helpful!

    Paula Pierce


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