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Jan 6, 2015

Ultimate Guide To Starting Home Cooking

If you have a goal this year to home cook more of your meals, you are not alone. More and more of us are trying to steer away from takeaways and ready meals. Health drives are the number one reason for doing so, but others just want to do it for fun. Finding the time to cook can be a challenge for busy moms, but the benefits of a good home cooked meal outweigh any cost to you in time.

Organization is the key to being able to cook a wholesome meal for all the family to enjoy. Millions of moms out there who have lists, diaries, calendars and reminders for everything. You know that slotting something new in is almost impossible. However, if you make it part of your everyday ritual, it may be much easier to do.

One of the trickiest parts about cooking at home is sourcing the ingredients. Often we have to buy a lot of something we only need a small amount of. This opens us up to batch cooking that may save us a lot of time and trouble later on in the week. You may be able to order your food online and have it delivered. This could save you valuable time driving to the food store, finding what you need and queuing at the tills. You could then shop at several stores, sourcing meats like pork fillet from one place and vegetables from another.

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If you have a slow cooker, there are lots of recipes out there that utilize them. Once everything is chopped, and the meat is seared, everything goes into the pot in the morning. It is then ready for you all to dip into in the evening. To save even more time, pick your vegetables from the frozen cabinet. They are then already prepared and ready to cook. Frozen vegetables can be fresher than those from the grocer.

If you are cooking from scratch, you can choose the ingredients that go into your meal. You can source the meat and vegetables from sources you trust to be healthy and ethical. You can cook them in ways that retain the maximum nutritional values too. Steaming and grilling are great ways to trim down the fat and prevent the loss of valuable vitamins and minerals.

Cooking simple meals and preparing vegetables are things you can all do as a family activity. Too many kids don’t know what vegetables look like because they are already blended into the meals we eat. Choosing, peeling and chopping veggies is a great lesson for your children and good for some family time together.

If you are keen to make a change in your family meals, start with one evening a week. Choose one night when you are all home at the same time and see if all the family can get involved in the process. If it is the same night of the week each time, it can become a valuable evening for bonding as a family and spending quality time together.

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  1. Home cooking is something I have embraced over the years. I find that it is easy to do and much healthier for your family. Thanks for the tips!


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