Sep 13, 2007

Lady Warriors Victory!!

Our daughter Chardonnay played her very first volleyball game yesterday against Dent Middle School and defeated them! Chardonnay still can't get over how badly they beat the other team and is still feeling that energy today. Then again, it might be because she became a teenager today! Happy Birthday Chardonnay!

A good friend of mine said something to me today and it has me thinking. He said "Do you realize that when Chardonnay is 23 your baby to be will be 10 and what if Chardie becomes a mother then... you will be both a grandma and mom at the same time!" LOL!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Chardonnay! Girl, you have a teenager on your hands. RUN! :) Congratulations on her volleyball victory too!

  2. Happy Birthday Chardie!!!! Way to go on the volleyball victory, too!

    I think she'll be like a "second mom" to the baby, which is even better for you since you'll have tons of extra help.

  3. Happy Birthday Chardie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg she is soooooooooooo pretty.


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